You can't hire anyone without seeing their work first. Check out below for some examples of my work.

Conversion Focused Blog Articles

I've written a ton of articles in my life, ranging from random movie reviews (caution: very dirty language) to highly focused expert articles.

I write every article with a focus on conversion. Meaning that besides entertaining readers, every article has a specific goal. Whether it be to build authority on a topic, or work as a lead generator for a sales funnel, blog articles are an essential part of content marketing.

Here are some of my articles (click to see the original article):

Thrive Themes Blog

Duct Tape Marketing Blog

Jeff Bullas Blog

Goodlife ZEN Blog

Case Studies

Increasing conversions is all about assessment and testing.

The real trick, and where most marketers fall short, is what to test. Here's a great example of a case study where testing the right stuff and improving the correct parts leads to incredible results.​

You've heard of John Lee Dumas from EOFire. Well, we upped his website conversions by 268%. Check out the full case study here.

In short, this case study involved replicating his current lead generation methods to Thrive Tools, and then improving through persistent A/B testing.​


A fresh spin to this familiar topic!

You gave a fresh spin to this otherwise familiar list of triggers. I liked the specific ideas for application, too.

Pat Katepoo

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the backbone of any online business. You need lead generation pages to welcome new visitors. Sales pages to present products and create buyers. Feature pages to showcase an awesome feature.

It all hinges on understanding what the visitor is looking for, and how the offer can fulfill that need.

Here's some examples of landing pages I've created:

Lead generation pages

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This basic landing page was for lead generation from guest post traffic.

Longform feature pages

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This landing page is basically a sales page for a certain product, illustrating the benefits of a particular feature.

Longform sales pages​

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Classic longform sales page.

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This sales page is written as a product review/comparison.

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