Why Should You Hire This Man?

When you hire me, you get a professional marketer with years of content marketing experience.

You get a writer with copywriting and branding experience, AND a wicked sense of humor.

Your investment in my work will translate into a measurable increase in leads, conversions or sales. Not to mention audience engagement, authority and trust.

In short, when you hire me, you're paying for POSITIVE ROI. Most of my blog posts bring their initial investment back many times over.

Of course, you also get content that's unique, authentic and fun to read.

Forget about rehashed content and manipulative sales copy. When you connect with your reader as a friend, as a human, they become your loyal fans.

Hi, I'm Jay Pitkänen. Blogger, marketing strategist, copywriter, speaker, and connector of humans.

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  • Business coach and speaker at Rat Race Maverick
  • Smartblogger.com - Content Marketer
  • Thrive Themes - Content Marketer
  • Part-time wizard