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Thoughtful and smart content!

You know those bad experiences you've had with outsourcing content writing? Where you get back flat, boring, generic writing that was clearly created with priority number 1 being: reach the word count minimum.

Jay's writing is just about as far from that kind of thing as you can get. If you care about having high quality content more than about word count and keyword density (as any sane marketer should), then Jay provides the kind of content you're looking for.

Shane Melaugh CEO, Thrive Themes

Let's Work Together

Unforgettable Blog Posts 

Are you tired of bland content that might as well be wasted space? I write articles that draw your readers in like magnets and nudge them towards a desired conversion goal.

Professional Ebooks

A ghostwritten ebook is a powerful authority booster. Using your voice and style, I will write the ebook you need to convey your message.

Clear and Powerful Web Copy

Every page on your website is an important part of your sales funnel. I will write your about pages, homepages and sales pages for maximum conversion.

Content Strategy

Don't know what to publish and when? Let's get rid of your useless content and create a strategic publishing schedule.


Generate leads, build buzz, and level the playing field with much larger companies with a professionally produced whitepaper.

Case Studies

Case studies are some of the quickest ways to prove your authority on a topic. I'll do the work from gathering information to writing the completed study.


I was amazed!

Hi Jay,

Loved this article, I was amazed at how you took the magician angle and related it to building an online business. It’s so true and so obvious that its very easy to miss this point.



I'm a Barcelona based copywriter and content strategist.

Whether you own a technology company, run a marketing blog, or need to turn a complex topic into an easily digestible and entertaining bit of content, I'd like to work with you.

With years of experience in B2B communication, I know how important it is to make your message clear and unforgettable.

Let's connect!

-Jay Pitkänen


Such a relief!

Great article! I appreciate you getting this done so quickly. It’s such a relief that I don’t have to try to do it myself what with everything else going on here.

Lynn Hauka Founder, Quit the Crazy

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