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On more than one occasion, Jay managed to turn a bleak situation ("is this topic going to work? Is it just too boring?") into an interesting post.

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I'm a Barcelona-based content creator, speaker and business coach.

As a business coach, I know how to turn my clients' doubts and anxieties into strength and growth.

That's why I know exactly what YOUR website visitors need to see when they land on your blog, your sales page or your funnel.

If you need to convey a message that creates an authentic emotional connection and persuades your visitor to ACT, let's talk!

-Jay Pitkänen

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I was amazed!

Hi Jay,

Loved this article, I was amazed at how you took the magician angle and related it to building an online business. It’s so true and so obvious that its very easy to miss this point.


Such a relief!

Great article! I appreciate you getting this done so quickly. It’s such a relief that I don’t have to try to do it myself what with everything else going on here.

Lynn Hauka Founder, Quit the Crazy